Radio collared jumbo traced in Thithimathi

Radio collared jumbo traced in Thithimathi

Radio collared jumbo traced in Thithimathi

The Forest department had installed radio collar to check the movement of two wild elephants. This has created fear among the people residing in Jungle haadi.

About 20 elephants had destroyed coffee estates in Aldoor-Elasoor area in Hassan in the first week of June. Accordingly, the forest department  caught two elephants on June 6 at Aldoor.

Under the guidance of expert Ajay Sardesai, a team of experts led by Mohanraj put radio callar on the elephants to trace its movements through satellite, to check whether it returns to its territory.

The two elephants were shifted to Bandipur National Park. One of the elephant had reached Ane Chowkur near Thithimathi by crossing Lakshmanatheertha river now.

The elephant was traced at Ayirahosalli on June 30. This has been found by WWF’s Tejaswi through radio collar tracking.

The forest department officials once again chased the elephant to the forest. It was traced near Jungle haadi on Sunday evening.

The radio collar helps in getting minute details on the movement of the elephant. It can travel 60 to 70 kms.

Elephants are very sensitive animals and they can track the presence of its herd from a long distance, says the experts.

The elephant had some hindrance in its movement in Thithimathi. Otherwise, it would have reached Aldoor through Kushalnagar forest few days ago.