Diapering basics

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Diapering basics

The birth of a baby is surrounded by excitement and anxiety in equal measure. But caring for the newborn is fraught with confusion, which is further heightened by advice and opinions from family, friends and well-wishers! Sleepless nights and crankiness during the early hours can drive even the most enthusiastic parents to frustration.

Common parenting challenges and problems are lack of sleep because of the need to regularly feed the baby and change her. One of the most common causes for crankiness in babies is frequent wetting. Babies may end-up needing more than 15 diapers in a day!
Many parents wonder whether to use a nappy or a diaper. It is also commonly believed that diapers are not suitable for Indian weather conditions.

However, a good diaper is a well-researched product. Materials which go into making of diapers are usually carefully chosen to ensure that they are natural and skin-friendly. They are made of absorbent material that offers a cloth-like feel and keeps skin irritation at bay.

Here are few diapering tips.

You will require the following items before you start:

*Diaper: Natural cloth-like diapers are best.

*Wipes: One needs to avoid wipes that are scented or have alcohol content as they could cause a rash.

*A mug of lukewarm water.

*Baby cream or lotion: To soften the skin and treat rashes.

*A waterproof mat: To place under the baby before changing the soiled diaper.

*Diaper ointment, if it has been prescribed by the paediatrician.

Here are a few ground rules to follow:

*Babies need to be cleaned from the front to the back. This helps to avoid urinary infection.

*Be gentle while you wipe your child as the skin is sensitive. Hard rubbing will definitely trigger a rash.

*Pat dry the skin after a wash before you begin diapering.

*An easy way to keep your child distracted during the process is to excite her with a toy.

*It is better to let the baby stay without a diaper for a few hours during the day as it will enable the skin to breathe properly.

*Always keep extra diapers and wet wipes when on the move.

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