BJP ministers to meet on July 16

BJP ministers to meet on July 16

 “Basically every department will have a role to play in these three sectors. The next meeting will take up these sectors as its focus”, a senior BJP functionary said.

Most ministers who attended Friday’s meeting at a private resort on the outskirts of Bangalore had submitted five suggestions each for overall development of their respective departments.

These varied from introduction of new schemes to additional resource mobilisation measures.

The suggestions will also be clubbed under the three heads and taken up for discussion, the sources said.

Party sources maintained that performance of ministers alone will not guide the next reshuffle of the Cabinet. “Regional, caste and political consideration will take the upper hand.

Inevitable to drop

It may even become inevitable to drop ministers who have done well”, the sources added, confirming that a Cabinet expansion is on the cards immediately after the conclusion of the monsoon session of legislature.