Club ordered to repay consumer

However, without refunding, the membership was upgraded to Cool Privilege Card, for which he paid up Rs 89,000. He was now promised a free site in Coconut Grove, but was asked to pay another Rs 10,000.

But, when none of this materialised, he became suspicious and demanded his money back. He registered a case with the IV Additional Consumer Forum. However, the club claimed that the layout and sites were available, if he paid the extra amount.

Inspecting the documents, the Forum found that the club documents were in the name of one mysterious D. Krishna Kumar Raju.

It was not mentioned as to how he was concerned with the club.

Finding the club guilty of deficient service, the Forum President G Siddanagoud has ordered the  Country Club (India), to repay Rs 1.29 lakh to Jolly with interest at 18 per cent and additional costs of Rs 10,000.

LIC wins, consumer loses

The State Commission dismissed the complaint of Harsha Guruduth against the LIC of India which repudiated her claim when her husband, who had two policies with LIC, died due to dengue fever.

 The LIC said that her husband had suppressed the fact that he was suffering from nephritic syndrome, which amounted to material concealment while taking the policy.

  The Commission agreed and ruled in favour of LIC of India and dismissed her case.

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