All that glitters is diamond...

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All that glitters is diamond...

The third edition of the Bangalore Fashion week saw the launch of the ‘diamond collection week’ on the opening day. It’s an exclusive slot set apart to showcase the top jewellery brands and designers from across the country.

 The collections did well in fusing classic and contemporary styling with the designs. Striking in its appearance, the designs ranged from small, medium to large pieces of jewellery.

They’ve all been crafted using large diamonds or coloured stones — all cut into unique shapes. The diamond usually doubles up as an essential gear that is well-coordinated with evening wear and short dresses. The collection had large earrings that blend in with long dresses and the studded diamonds stood out on short dresses.

The neck pieces were not too loud but were large enough to appeal to Indian women who love showing off their jewellery. Mumbai-based choreographer Achala Sachdev did well to coordinate the jewellery with the outfit. She chose plain light colours that would highlight the jewellery and draw the attention away from the clothing.

“It’s important to match the clothes you wear to the jewellery. Such shows are meant to be teasers and you must say what you want through and through the show,” says Achala.  The background music went well with show. “It’s meant to be dramatic. The music must fall in sync with the collection. That’s the best way to draw one’s attention to the collection. Even the tempo of the music must be in keeping with  the designs,” she sums up.

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