A film shot in two hours

New Record

Innovative: Murali Prasad

After Kaantha, Murali Prasad has just completed his next venture, Kone Dina. A natural progression many may think, but what makes this movie different is that the entire film has been done in just one shot and finished in two hours. 

Alfred Hitchcock tried it once with his movie Rope, where each shot lasted for about ten minutes. But, Murali, says that in the spirit of making something new and different, he attempted to capture an entire film in a shot itself. “After a lot of thought and homework, I got the concept ready and told all my friends about it but nobody responded in a positive manner,” he says while adding, “But I was determined and was ready for the challenge.”

The movie revolves around the last day of a college where the students have gathered to write their final exam paper.

 “The exam is scheduled to begin at 10 in the morning and everything that happens two hours before the exam starts is what the story is about,” says Murali, who says that in that two hours, he has also managed to add a song and a fight sequence with many other elements of what a student goes through before writing an exam.

With a budget of just Rs 20 to 25 lakh, the film has proved to be a challenging task. “We had around 15 days of practice and handling thirty people was not as easy as it seems. Most of the artistes are considerably new but extremely talented, including the cameraman, Praveen. If not for the co-operation of all these artistes and the belief of the producers in me, I wouldn’t have been able pull it off,” says Murali.
Under the banner, Raagapraveni Movies, the film is all set to premiere on June 21. 

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