Fights in friendship

Fights in friendship

Growing Up

 Fights between friends don’t last for ever, only a week or so. But breaking the ice between the fighting duo is sometimes very difficult to do.

Beverley Lobo says, “If I happen to fight with my close friend, I would prefer to sort out the issues as soon as possible. I will make all efforts to try and explain everything in detail. It is always important to talk things out and to clear any misunderstandings instantly.The more you drag the fight, things will only turn worse and the problems will continue over a period of time,” she argues.

While girls prefer to talk about the issue and try to sort things out, guys generally feel that it’s not a big deal and continue to behave normally like nothing ever happened.

Karun Kariappa says, “Fights are part of a friendship, it is impossible for friends to fight and part ways.There is no fun and thrill in life if there are no fights. But even if we fight today, tomorrow we will come back and behave as if nothing like that ever happened at all.   This will not lead to any friendship to break and things will be as smooth as ever.”

Trust and confidence are two strong pillars on which a friendship is built.Though it might be difficult to patch up, at times, it is better to explain to one’s friend that how much one cherishes the friendship.This is sure to work wonders.

Radha Maggeri, a counsellor, says, “It is always better to strike a conversation in a calm and quiet manner, without making room for another fight again.This will help in re-establishing the bond again. Also, another important aspect is to not suffer alone and go into loneliness. Instead, talk it out with someone at least and you might find another door open to solve the issue.”