Mayor to probe e-tendering of solid waste management process

Mayor to probe e-tendering of solid waste management process

When Opposition leader Ashok raised the issue of cancellation of e-tendering for the solid waste management, Standing Committee President Shantha said “e-tendering is being carried out to maintain transparency in the system. However, when I noticed that an official was involved in uploading the tender for a contractor, I decided to call for the suspension of the e-tendering.”

However, the opposition demanded the suspension of the official concerned and staged a dharna.

The Environment Engineer said “e-tender process is done by the government department and not by the MCC. The tender was open on June 28 and the last date for submitting the tender was July 27. The contractor himself had to upload the details, who in turn will be given password and an ID. No official can tamper the process,” he said and added that contractor himself uploads the tender details.

Door number

When Sudheer Shetty raised the issue of door numbers to illegal buildings, Commissioner said that Minister for Urban Development had urged to halt the issuance of door numbers to bring an uniform policy throughout the state. Accordingly, MCC had received a direction from the government to issue temporary door numbers to illegal buildings by charging double the tax. However, the government had directed not to issue assessment number to the illegal buildings, he added.


Corporator Naveen D’Souza reminded the MCC decision to convert the stretch between Kankanady and Falnir road as four lane. However, now the road is being developed into two lane and it is half completed without a retaining wall and the footpath.  In reply, the Engineer said that the tender was called for four-laning of the road. However, owing to the lack of space for widening the road, it was decided to go for two lane from Kankanady to Avery Junction and four-lane from Avery Junction to Signal. Commissioner said “as the locals opposed the four laning of the road, we had to go for two lane.

However, if the Corporator tries to convince the property owners within 15 days, then we are ready for four-laning of the road.”  Corporator Jayanthi said that the meeting hall leaks and a situation has arisen when the Corporators have to sit with umbrella open. The Commissioner assured to set right the problem. Corporator Harinath said that engineers are not available in the MCC. Mayor gave a ruling that engineers should be in office till 5.30 pm.

Pathetic condition of NH

The members also raised the issue of pathetic condition of NH which passes through the City Corporation limits. Reacting to it, MCC Commissioner Dr Vijayaprakash said that NH officials were asked to attend the meeting. However, they have not attended the meeting which will be taken as a serious issue. A notice will also be issued in this regard. A special meeting will also be convened along with the NH officials to discuss on the condition of NH.

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