Their first brush with college

Their first brush with college

New Beginning : Freshers step into Mount Carmel College on the first day.

After a long summer break of two months, Mount Carmel College re-opened on June 12. The students looked prepared to attend their first few classes. This was the time to meet old school mates and many were seen hugging their long lost friends.

A few girls had already made a group and were seen analysing and criticising other’s accessories, while some others were seen jotting down their class schedules and searching for their classrooms.

There were some for whom it was ‘back to college!’ again. Like Prarthana Suresh, a I PES student who has pursued PUC in the same college. I’m a little confused actually.

Let’s see how the day goes,” she said.

After the college prayer, students rushed to their classrooms. Some were still hunting for their classes 10 minutes past the bell. “I’m still not used to this building, you see”, Shruthi gave an excuse with raised eyebrows.

The first year students were also fearing the ‘ice- breaking’ sessions. “I am new to Bangalore and not very fluent in  Kannada. I hope that wouldn’t go against me in adjusting myself to this whole new environment,’’ said Molly from Nagaland. “I love the college campus and hope to have three memorable years,” she added.

Talking about food, Chechi’s canteen is the one stop place. Freshers were seen experimenting with the brownies, samosas, idli-vada and puff and giving a thumbs-up.

Other than that, the girls were already flocking around the other kiosks on the campus.

The chaat stall, the maggi stall and the ice-cream man seemed as busy as ever!
Girls in skinny jeans, tee-shirts and ‘golden rocksters’ were seen walking on one side and for others, the ‘drive’ still remained the hot favourite. “I did my PUC from MES College and it’s quite a cultural shock for me to have come here,” said Surupa, munching sev puri from a kiosk.

“College is so different from school. I feel great to get out of my uniform and wear whatever I feel like. And MCC of course, is the best place to be! I had a great day today and made quite a few friends. I’m waiting to get back on Monday,” said an excited Manali, walking out of the college after her very first day in college.

Girls sure had fun on the first day of college. Good girls, bad girls, ‘freaks’ or ‘nerds’ — looks like Mount Carmel College has something in store for all of them.

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