Neighbours clueless

Family next door shocked; police looking for vital leads

fond memories: A file photo of Priyanka Gupta with her husband Satish Kumar Gupta.

But none of the neighbours residing on the ground floor or the first floor have any clue of the crime. Although the main door of the couple’s house faces another house where any slight noise could be heard, the neighbours are oblivious of any noises and are shocked to hear the news.

Priyanka's parents were expected to arrive on Tuesday night and the post mortem would be done on their their approval. They hail from Pink City in Lucknow. Their statements are expected to provide vital leads in solving the case.

At the crime scene, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and other senior officers were engrossed in examining the minute details. They were taken aback when Priyanka’s father-in-law started pestering them to hand him over the gold ornaments which were on the dead body. When he constantly disturbed them, they were forced to explain the series of procedures involved, before sending the body to the mortuary.

Mortuary scene

At the mortuary, Satish, dressed in track pants, leather shoes and a check shirt, refused to talk to the media but looked pained when the cops asked for some details. He managed to recollect his bank account no (14 digits) at one go the ATM counters he withdrew cash from. But he could not recall the name of his father-in-law and his contact number.

Before the police get to eliminating the suspects, Satish has a lot to answer and help the cops to unearth the case. It is learnt that he usually goes for a walk and plays badminton at an open site, which is five minutes walk from his house. As soon as he got the call, he could have rushed home, but continued to play a game of badminton and returned home after around 6.45 am, said the police.

Again, when the door was locked from inside and there was no response, any one would have got perturbed and broke open the door.

Sprained ankle

Instead, he chose to drive to his office, collect the keys, return and open the door. He had suffered sprain in his ankle but on the ill-fated day, he had set out for walk wearing a leather shoe, police said.

Experts feel that not more than two persons were involved in the crime. Priyanka was strangled, the body was placed in a sitting posture, the hands were tied and throat was slit. the DCP (South-East) was confident. “We will solve the case in the next 36 hours.”

Mourning school declares holiday

When Priyanka Gupta took classes at Delhi Public School on Monday, her students hardly knew that it would be the last day they would be seeing a favourite teachers of theirs.

Students and teachers remembered her as "one of the most enthusiastic teachers in DPS". Priyanka joined DPS last year as a Mathematics teacher and soon became the favourite of teachers as well as students.

"She joined our school last February. She was very popular among students. Many students used to confide in her. Her students are very upset by the news," said Manju Sharma, principal of Delhi Public School (south). 

Colleagues remember her as one of the most active teachers in the school. "She was the class teacher of standard 9 last year. She was considered to be one of the best teachers in the school. Everybody had good things to talk about her," said a teacher of the school.

Meanwhile, the school management declared a holiday to show their respect for their favourite teacher. "To show our respect to Priyanka, we are declaring tomorrow a holiday," said Chithra Sharma, vice principal, Delhi Public School.

- 5.45 am - Satish leaves for his morning walk
- 5.50 am - Priyanka Gupta calls husband on his cellphone
- 5.55 am - Satish tries contacting his wife, in vain
- 6 am - Satish continues to play badminton
- 6.45 am - He returns home and finds the door locked from inside
- 6.50 am - He goes to his father's house, takes the car and drives to his office
- 8 am - He comes with a set of keys to his house and finds his wife murdered

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