Striving for creative streaks


Striving for creative streaks

Innovative: Jayachandran and Eliamma.

Attakkalari’s creative work strives to synchronise the mind, body and soul.

It draws upon traditional Indian dance forms as well as contemporary forms to create something new.

The students, who have completed the one-year certificate course from the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, will graduate on August 20.

Announcing this at a press conference in the City, Eliamma Rao, Manager Education and Development, Attakkalari says, “We teach the students everything from Bharatanatyam, jazz, ballet and contemporary dance forms. We then try to create a modern idiom that has its roots in traditional forms. For instance, we don’t teach abhinaya in the classical dance form but we delve into the basics.”

Talking about the activities of the Centre, Eliamma says the students have performed across the world, “Their dance production such as ‘Purushartha’ was performed
in 21 countries and ‘Chronotopia’ is touring three countries. There are among our students, those who’ve picked up all the dance forms and interpreted their own. For instance, one of our students depicted child abuse through contemporary dance, another explored the lives of transgenders through dance. This is how they branch out.” 

Artistic director Jayachandran Palazhy says that many of the dancers in the repertory belong to economically underprivileged backgrounds. “Dance has given them the chance to earn a decent livelihood, travel the world and pursue their passion. Artistic dance forms allows for lateral thinking. Those who have learnt this art have a productive edge over the others,” says Jayachandran. 

The Attakkalari's educational wing is determined to make movement arts a part of the mainstream curriculum in schools.

It runs its own Education Outreach Programme in several schools across the City.
The diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media will be developed into a three-year programme and is currently being offered as an intensive year-long certification. The course lays emphasis on body conditioning and technique classes, ensuring correct body posture and alignment, safe movement practices, balance, strength and flexibility.
Auditions are on to select prospective students for the 2010-2011 diploma batch. The new term begins on September 15.

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