Nobody can beat us in indifference


People in Sanjaynagar are happy to see some roads repaired and tarred. However, this happiness is short-lived.  BWSSB is bent on spoiling the roads. They have started relaying pipes, that too in the monsoons. The whole place is bound to become a mess. It is also learnt that many residents of the area have stopped the road work, so that BWSSB's work can be completed. But, in a major part of the area, the roads that have already been repaired are dug up, leading to congestion and even accidents. Now, will the authorities concerned find a solution to this situation? It is the taxpayers' money that will be spent for their indifference or inefficiency. Or is it a sort of contract lobby scam? What a pity! Nobody can beat us in indifference it seems!  

AECS Layout 2nd stage
(Near RMS)

No 'backpack' for school children please!
Schools have reopened, and it is a wonderful sight to see tiny tots go to schools. However, the use of 'backpack' must be barred. In the long run, children will have problems in their backs which they could  carry into  their adult lives.
The medical professionals should advise parents and school authorities on the after- effects of using heavy 'backpacks'. In fact, the backpack was an invention for those who go trekking for setting their hands free to climb a mountain. It is unfortunate that the backpack has become the only 'bag' to carry school/college books.
Children, especially tiny tots, should  not be overloaded with backpacks. Parents purchase large backpacks thinking that it will last for long.  Sometimes the bag is bigger than the child!
This is cruel and definitely harmful to the spine of a child.
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd

Solution for stamp paper queque
Are you quequing up to buy a stamp paper? Here is a solution.
After the Telgi scam, the government has implemented a new system of issuing stamp paper through bank. But, it has chosen State Bank of Mysore with only two branches.  It is not possible for SBM to cater to the need of all clients. It is a misery to stand hours together in long queues for our turn. The BJP government shoudl take initiative to come to the rescue of people. Issue an order permitting State Bank of Hyderabad also which has ten branches here) to issue stamp papers, thereby easing the trouble of banking on only the SBM.
Mudgal Venkatesh
GDA Colony,
Kusnoor Road,

Undesired cut in interest rates
Interest rates can be cut only by lessening the interest spread, which can be achieved only by lowering interest on deposits. With the present lower rates of deposit interest, no depositor will expect further cuts when all the prices of all the essential commodities are soaring day by day. Crores of retired and lower middle class depositors survive on the deposit interests only. The government instruments under NSS should offer attractive interests in order to attract deposit accretions. Such funds go a long way to promote public spending; thus, any reduction of interest in this segment would prove detrimental to fiscal interests. As far as the commercial banks are concerned, reducing expenditure and exploring ways to increase other income are ways to maintain steady profits. The common man, who still prefers to save through post-offices and commercial banks, should not feel stranded while enforcing the policy of cheap credit. His savings should be treated at par with his burden on agricultural loans or other loans.
Hansraj Bhat
Geetanjali Nagar,
Saibaba Mandir Road,  Borivli (W),

No hard and fast method
India's exit from T-20 World Cup, though disappointing, is primarily due to lack of team work. In a  pressure game, luck too matters. There is no hard and fast method to win matches. It is easy to blame a captain after defeat, and in fact, too much expectation from Dhoni cost us the match. Dhoni is not in good form. He tried to experiment but it did not  work out and ultimately has to bear the responsibility of defeat.
Inamdar Ramachandra

Focus on the senior citizens as well
Union Budget is expected to be presented on the 6th of July. Pranabji is doing a very good job in the fiscal area. He is hard working and sincere at his job. We expect more focus on the Senior Citizens in the forthcoming budget. Unfortunately, senior citizens are a neglected lot. Due to the increasing financial and domestic compulsions, parents are given the last priority in some families, which would affect the SCs psychologically. I do not mean to say the SCs should get top Priority- but only appeal for some human consideration.
 In  countries like UK and the US, there are special provisions in the act to protect the SCs socially and otherwise. But in India, where we take pride in cultural heritage and values, SCs are not given their due status. Budget should include granting the economically weaker SCs more protection as they did in the case of the youth who are un-employed. After all many of the ministers are also super SCs going by their age!
Prasanthi Apts
Vannanthurai, Chennai

A wise move for CIL
Coal Ministry  nod for disinvestments in CIL is a welcome move. If the proposal mooted turns into reality, it will be a landmark in this sector. This move will also pave way for listing the shares of CIL and private players. Efficiency and elimination of bureaucracy in decision-making may get eradicated and people can witness a better outlook in terms of operations, profitability and functioning of the organization.
Ashok Jayaram,
'Raghav Residency',

Make medical test mandatory
The news on 'Flu screening not foolproof at city airport' shows the indifferent attitude of the Health Ministry. It has not taken the after-effects of swine flu seriously. The screening process must be made compulsory as it is in many countries, to prevent the pandemic from spreading and to help affected passengers. Self declaration can be misleading and not be of much help in identifying the patient affected with swine flu. It's high time the ministry takes the job seriously, in the interest of the passengers.
Ashok Jayaram,
'Raghav Residency',

BJP can still be a party with a difference
BJP is certainly in a state of self analysis due to failure in the Parliamentary elections. Was it due to creating a new hero out of Varun Gandhi or attack on Christians and churches in Orissa or negative campaign by most leaders of other parties, particularly the most respected, Prime Minister ? BJP should make Vajpayee a mentor, as he is respected by most Indians. Apart from good governance, BJP can take up corruption as core issue as Congress could never fight against it rather nurtured it. With the above, BJP still can be a "party with a difference "not "yet another party"

Don't demoralise the team
Our mentality is that we glorify the team if it wins, bring it down if it loses. Of course, our team did not fire well in all departments of the game. Success and defeat happens to any team. What happened to the Australian team? They could not reach even super-eight stage.
Fans, ex-cricketers and public at large should be fair-minded and balanced instead of demoralising the team with by their unwanted and uncalled for views and comments.
UAS layout
RMV II Stage

What happened to the Australian priest, burnt alive in Orissa?
This is in reference to the article titled, "Racial assaults: Oz envoy blames media for 'negative coverage', Attacks on Indians 'damaged' bilateral ties: McCarthy and Student from Gujarat becomes latest target" published on June 14. The assault against Indians in Australia is definitely not acceptable. But before accusing Australia of racial discrimination, let us look at the safety of foreigners in the land of "Athithi Devo Bhava". Let me remind the nation that Australian priest Graham Staines and his two little sons (who came for charitable work were burnt alive in Orissa a decade ago. After few days, the news too died. No one knows what action our Indian government took to stop such crime against foreigners. Even after that gory incident, crimes such as rape, robberies and murders against foreigners have been going on India over the last three years. Ultimately, our Incredible India too is in the race of racism.
Jaya Rao,

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