'Spicier the better'

'Spicier the better'

Allan Frederiksen, a senior executive from Denmark, is down on his first Eastern posting for Nokia and finds India a ‘land of extreme and startling contrasts’.

“There have been frustrating as well as highly-rewarding moments for me over the past ten months to make for a rich and unforgettable experience,” he says. So where exactly are his roots? “I grew up in Jutland, a historical part of Denmark which is home to pretty medieval little towns, fishing villages and ports.”

Having visited India thrice on short exploratory trips before he moved here, the transition was much easier as he knew what to expect. Although leaving family and friends so far behind for an extended period of time can be quite a daunting thought, Alan says he misses his little niece and nephews, between ages four and eight, quite dreadfully.

Of course, the traffic is always intimidating for most newbies to begin with, but since drivers and maids come with expat territory, it is not hard to cope either. “Having a driver is wonderful. I can get my work done on my laptop instead of fuming at the jams and wasting time,” he laughs.

He finds the mild Bangalore weather simply delightful and the people warm and friendly. His social circle includes a mix of Indian and expat friends and over the weekends, he enjoys getting into the social swing of things, trying out the new restaurants, which he finds inexpensive, with plenty of variety and choice.

Speaking of food, he says, “Of course, I do occasionally miss my typically Danish pork roast, liver pate and black rye bread but I also enjoy experimenting with Indian flavours — the spicier the better! My classic favourites remain butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. I guess, I need to get more adventurous.”

Allan’s family has come down to visit him — most recently his mum and step dad, who enjoyed their stay here and have promised to return soon. Using his posting here to good advantage, Alan has travelled extensively within the country and to close destinations like Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Shanghai.

“I have also visited Hampi, Goa and Darjeeling besides making three trips back home in the ten months I have been here. But I certainly intend to make the most of my stay by travelling whenever I get time off,” he enthuses.

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