Silvering the brotherly BOND!

Silvering the brotherly BOND!

It will have more value than one bought off a shelf. Here are a few guidelines on how to make your own Rakhis:-

For the basic Style Rakhi:-

Things Needed:-

Silk Thread Reel (colour of your choice or multi-coloured, preferably red or green.) Cotton Thread (matching to the silk thread color)

1 hard bristled Toothbrush
Beads, sequins, artificial pearls/beads of different sizes and colours (as per your requirement)  

Procedure: - (In Steps)

1)Cut the 40 -50 strands of threads of 20 inches length. Gather all the threads together in a neat bundle and fold the bundle in half.

2)Tie a knot with matching cotton thread about one quarter of the way down from the folded edge.  Make sure the knot is secure. The shorter section will be the rakhi and the longer section will go around the wrist.

3)Cut the loop of the folded thread. Hold the knot firmly and vigorously brush the threads of the short end with a toothbrush, until they become very fluffy and soft.

4)Divide the longer section in half and braid each half. Tie a knot (leaving ¼” of the silk thread) at each end with some cotton thread  - can also tie on some small ghungroos (anklet bells) Brush the ends with the toothbrush until they are soft and fluffy.

5)Decorate the centre area above the knot; (the rakhi) with a sponge of a suitable colour, cut it into a star shape, round or oval as desired. (Optional) You can also decorate with sequins, beads, 3D glitter or even pearls, stuck in some pattern. Use glue to attach the embellishments and allow it time to dry.

Religious Symbol Rakhi

Follow the basic style rakhi till step 4. Then decorate the centre with tiny shells or religious symbol (like OM, Swastik etc). Decorate the rakhi around with wooden or tulsi beads.

Flowery Rakhi

Artificial flowers and leaves (ready) can be used after step 4. The leaves forming the base and after this stick the artificial flowers and decorate.

Golden/ Silver Coin Rakhi

Follow the basic style rakhi till step 4. Then decorate the centre with a 5 rupee coin enclosed in golden/silver net and finally decorate with glitter.

Note: - If you don’t want to follow the basic rakhi cord, you can buy fancy ribbons, colourful cords or even golden/silver cords. You can decorate the ribbons with glitter, beads, sequences, tubes, semi- precious stones, religious symbols or golden /silver coin.  
Simple Bead Rakhi

Things Needed:-  

15” thread (2 strands)
Red, green, yellow colour beads (about10 grams each), and ghungroos
Scissors and 2 needles
Procedure:- ( In Steps)
Knot both the threads, after leaving ½ inch on one side.

Thread 1 strand in a needle A and the other strand in needle B. With needle A thread 5 red beads and with needle B thread 5 green beads. Now with both the needles thread 2 yellow beads. Repeat this procedure till the length required. Knot the threads by leaving 1/2” (as above.) Tie ghungroos on both the ends.                                                                                                                                                               
Tip: - When you reach the centre of the beaded Rakhi thread you can attach a circular, oval, semi-precious stone or even a religious symbol and continue the above procedure till the end.

I’m sure your brother will treasure your hand made special rakhi. As this rakhi will be a true bond of love and protection for a brother from his sister.

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2010!

Archana B. Utmani

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