'Girl students get poor quality cloth for school uniform'

 Allegedly, the girls were provided with low quality, low price material that would loose its color in the first wash. It is said that the blue skirts which were provided to girls had started turning white within few days of distribution.

Rumors were high that the material used to stich girls’ skirts were produced with low quality cloth called ‘kora cloth,’ which costs Rs 36 per meter as against the superior quality cloth used to stich boys’ pants which cost Rs 88 per meter. The issue was referred to Udupi district Nagarika Samithi by some of the parents. The Samithi protested against the injustice and urged for immediate measures against the recklessness of the Education Department.

General Secretary of the Samithi Nithyananda Volakadu raised the matter with DDPI and comprehensive inspection of the clothes was conducted under the supervision of DDPI and the Education Department Mysore Division Officer Kumara swami. Students expressed their diverse responses regarding the low quality of the cloth on the occasion.

The material is provided all over the State by the Karnataka Handicraft Development Board Bangalore. The Board had a business of 16 lakhs meter pant piece material and 35 lakhs meter of skirt piece material in the State in the current year.

DDPI Anand informed that the issue is raised with the government and recommendations has been made to provide the similar material for both boys and girls. A meeting will be held in Bangalore on Monday or Tuesday to discuss the matter.

Deputy Commissioner P Hemalatha informed Deccan Herald that the district administration will try to ensure good quality material for both boys and girls. If the discrimination is only with our district, then the material will be rejected and sent back, she said. Protests to ensure the fairness and unbiased justice to girls are takin shape and many feel that the agitations demanding the equality are indeed reasonable.

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