Rich without money

Amrit Sadhana

The first: "Turn towards everything that is good for you, that opens your heart. Buy what you want without looking at the price as long as your heart really rejoices and it fulfills you."

The technique sounds easy but it isn't really. Sometimes heart and desire look alike. It takes some time to be able to distinguish one from the other.  Desires are like clouds that cover the blue sky of the heart. The heart doesn't have many desires, it is naturally fulfilled .

The second part is even more difficult: "Depart from and let go of everything that is not good for you, all that you don't use, that you don't like, that is of no value to you."
A powerful suggestion . To my own surprise life becomes richer and more clear,   by following what is really valuable to me. Just remove the clutter of unwanted things and thoughts. Make space for your self.

The question for me is not about having money or not. My question is do I want to live richly or not. To me, richness means to live and express my natural individuality.

I know a friend who absolutely lives his individuality. He takes great care for any project he initiates, every business is been treated like a new born baby, with motherly attention and sensitivity.  In this sense success and failure don't matter, but the joy to express his creativity and seeing it growing is makes him a mature person. 

When somebody lives in his naturalness, stands in his loving creative strength then to my experience it does not need any recipe for making money. Whatever somebody touches who is in love with himself becomes joy for everybody else.

Whenever somebody lives his individual nature, nourishment and support from all sides start flowing towards him. The support may come in the form of money, maybe by friends or events that come together in a magical way.

A fulfilled heart develops unknown creativity to help itself and others to more richness in life. This richness cannot be compared with material wealth.

The main concern of my life is to live my individuality, to be just the way I am. A surprising power arises when I am in harmony with myself.  Until today much has been created by the river of life which I am following without doing something extraordinary.

Situations and projects appear which seemed to have been much too difficult or even unimaginable for me before. Money comes and goes -- richness and love stay.

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