'News photographs highly important'

Lensmen risk their lives and are easy target nowadays

'News photographs highly important'

Recalling his experiences, Prabhakar said that earlier whenever press photographers were sent to cover riots, the protesters usually would never hurt photographers even intentionally. However, the present press photographers are the first target nowadays, he said. Advising press photographers, he said that off-beat pictures should never be taken at the cost of news pictures. Reminiscing the difficult times for press photographers earlier, Prabhakar said that earlier they used to carry bulbs as there was no electronic flash available and each picture taken was counted as they used reels instead of the digital memory cards which are available now. He said that pictures complete a newspaper.

Speaking on the occasion, Nagarhole National Park DCF Vijay Ranjan Singh advised press photographers to never compare themselves with professional photographers as the latter was well equipped and practice it as a hobby.

While press photographers work day-in-day-out to cover news and many times risking their lives.

Pictures taken by press photographers from the city were displayed on the occasion at MDJA premises.

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