Writer's garden

Writer's garden

Writer's garden

Creatures of the world

There are
cats that mew
 dogs that bark
ducks that quacks
 pigs that grunt
birds that tweet
 owls that hoot
mice that squeak
 elephants that trumpet
horses that neigh
cows that moo
 snakes that hiss
and monkeys that chatter
 what a melody and what a sound
that the creatures of the world make
Sanjana Mugalvalli
IV standard, CBSE
Sri Kumarans Children's Home

The teacher who casts a spell on the Class of the Naughtiest Brats!

Can only a magic spell change a person?? I say no, a teacher's sincere  advice  can bring about a radial change in one’s life.

We are a class of bratty students, noisy frivolous and almost  uncontrollable, each one audacious enough to turn the world upside  down with one's naughty tricks.

Isn't it really surprising that one teacher  can handle such a rowdy batch of students?

Yes, amazing to see how  we get silent  just when we hear his footsteps, a response not out of fear, but out of respect, respect for the love he has for his  students. It is spell binding to see the pupils open their books and get  ready enthusiastically to listen to his interesting, awe-inspiring  lessons even on the most boring topics. it's like he has a   magical whip, a whip of inspiring words which turns any  student  from mischief to intense concentration.

We hardly realize how a span of one hour passes in his class  while we listlessly slog through the other lectures for the same duration. 

Though he comes as a professor to lecture, he makes sure each  one of us has understood and grasped the essence of the subject. He  guides us not just in the subject but in every task of ours for which  we seek his help.  Being an expert in neurochemistry he insists on  being happy and not get aggravated with trifles as it may cause  neurological disorders. He says, " excruciating annoyances lead to exciting 
adventures to see the magic in life" :it may sound cynical but indeed 
his words have had a profound effect in mending our ways. It's amazing 
to see how a single charismatic voice streamlines the lives of many of  us youngsters.

It's  fantastic sight to see the noisy scatterbrained  students listen to his knowledgable  talk with interest and  zeal. A teacher indeed has the power to mould lives and be responsible  for a better new tomorrow....!!


Krishna danced on a ferocious snake!

Divine in his form he came to Earth,
To destroy evil he took his birth
From an infant to a young lad he grew
Charming the people, destroying the evil
 He showed his mother the world, between his jaws,
He strengthened the right and straightened the wrong,
 Diving into the poisons lake
He danced on the head of a ferocious snake
 He chariot-ed for the pandavas & steered them out of trouble
He held the reins of the planet as if he held stubble
Birth after birth he established dharma,

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