Classic beauties on a roll

Classic beauties on a roll


Classic beauties on a roll

The vintage cars at the rally. DH photo by Janardhan B K

The rally was flagged off by Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety at Cubbon Park.

Later, the fleet of these vintage beauties headed towards Palace Grounds leaving the onlookers amazed.

Mercedes Benz of 1966 model, Standard Herald of 1974, Ford Grain Truck of 1927, Alder of 1937, Dodge Kingsway of 1955, Jaguar Mark of 1955, Pontiac Silver Streak of 1947 and many other cars grabbed the attention of the gathering.

Lambretta, Bullet, Yezdi and Jawa were the centre of attention in the bikes’ category.
Lokesh, the owner of a Jawa CZ of 1962 model, was very proud of his bike. “My father gifted it to me and I have owned it for the past 20 years. I used to ride this bike to my college where everybody would be eager to take a closer look at it. Even now, I go for long trips on this bike with my family members,” he said.

Colonel Shashidhar owns a 1944 model bike called ‘Indian Chief’. He claimed that it is the only piece of its kind in South India.  “I have owned it for over two and half years and it has never given me a problem. Its spare parts are available only in America. But as its parts are strong, it hardly needs maintenance,” he informed.

Sukhbir Singh, CEO of Relio Quick India Pvt Ltd said, “The aim of the rally was to showcase how people are emotionally attached to their vehicles and how involved they are in preserving these classic beauties.”

D R S Prabhu brought a unique piece, BSA M20, a military bike which was used during the Second World War.

Extremely passionate about collecting these classic pieces, Prabhu has 11 vintage cars and bikes to his credit.  Shashidhar, who owns a Mercedes Benz of 1966 model, was very proud of his asset. “Whenever I go for a drive, people look at the car in amazement and appreciate me for maintaining it well. As maintenance is a costly affair, I use it just occasionally,” he said.