Chill out and rejuvenate!

Chill out and rejuvenate!

Soothing nerves

Chill out and rejuvenate!

It’s a long weekend and a few young Bangaloreans have made elaborate plans to take off to the nearest holiday spot, either with their friends or family.

They see this long weekend as the perfect time to destress.

It’s celebration time for all the three communities – St Mary’s Feast for Christians, Ramzan for Muslims and Ganesh Chaturthi for the Hindus. 

While invitations for lunch, dinner and get-togethers fly to and fro, there are a couple of people who would like to spend their weekend at some place away from the madness of the City.

Metrolife interacted with a few youngsters who say they’ve been looking forward to this long weekend.

Places like Coorg, Ooty, Mangalore, Goa and Kerala remain the hot spots for a short vacation.

Deepthi Sanker, a research analyst with an IT firm, says she is still deciding between going to Coorg with her friends and giving a surprise visit to her family in Kerala. Adventurous that she is, Deepthi goes mountaineering, trekking and travels a lot whenever she can snatch a few days off work.

“A bunch of my school friends have planned a trip to Coorg. Hectic work schedules make it tough for us to meet, only long weekends give us time together,” says Deepthi.
Savad Ateeq, an entrepreneur, plans to make the most of this weekend.

It’s Ramzan and we have planned a family trip to Hogeanakkal and then we plan to go straight to Ooty.

“It’s also the best time to rejuvenate. Short breaks like these always prove a great stress buster,” says Savad.

Mirshad Babu, a quality analyst, stays away from his family. He believes in spending time with his loved ones.

 He reasons that it’s always easy to gather a bunch of friends and head out for a trip but it’s tough to spend time with family. 

“It’s festival time and I think I would book the next ticket to my hometown to be with my family. I live here alone and miss spending some quality time with them,” he sums up.

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