Sisters in tune

Sisters in tune

Musical Bonding

Sisters in tune

For most siblings, singing is limited to mouthing lyrics to a hairbrush. But the Dandekar sisters, VJ Anusha, Shibani and Apeksha, were not satisfied doing this.

Brought together by their love for music, these three sisters formed their music band called D Major, which is all set to rock the country. In the City recently to promote their upcoming music video, the three sisters looked absolutely ravishing and ready to roll.

The desi girl band is an idea which many have tried before in India but had never really taken off. What led them to form a band? “It was a natural thing for us because we are sisters and performers,” says Anusha.

“We were always in the same room singing and having fun together. So we thought, why not?” says Apeksha. And when did the inclination towards music start? “It was always there. We have been into music since we were kids,” says Anusha. And did they train in any particular genre of music? “No. We haven’t had any training,” she says.

“But I have been trained in Indian classical music because it gives you some idea about the basic techniques of singing,” says Apeksha. What kind of music are they personally fond of? “All kinds of music. We feel that it is important to be versatile,” says Anusha.

As far as their album is concerned, what should the fans expect? “We definitely lean towards R&B and pop but we have come out with the Bollywood remix for our first music video,” says Apeksha.

And how would they describe the new music video? “It’s hot,” says Anusha. “It is fusion music,” says Apeksha. “Everyone will sing along with this song and it will be a hit in the clubs. That is what we are expecting,” says Anusha.

What kind of music would they like to be known for? “We want to come up with music that is fun and which people can sing along with,” says Anusha.  “As a pop group,  we want to be an inspiration to the kids here like the pop groups outside,” she adds. With all three of them making their own style statements, what is the look that they are going in for as a pop group? “Everyone has their own identity, still we are very tuned into what looks good,” says Apeksha.

“We know how to dress well and generally have a similar kind of dress sense,” says Anusha. Are there any clashes about the look? “Going by the style, you could actually compare us to the Charlie’s Angels,” says Anusha.

“Apeksha is a little tomboyish like Drew Barrymore. Shibani likes to dress up like Lucy Lui and I would be Cameron Diaz, because I am called ‘tall’,” she says laughing.

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