Unique plan to maintain peace in Ayodhya

Unique plan to maintain peace in Ayodhya

Unique plan to maintain peace in Ayodhya

Home to the contentious place that defined the course of Indian politics, the state government has chalked out a unique plan in a bid to maintain communal harmony and safeguarding the minorities.

Under the novel idea, the members of the majority community in any particular area would be entrusted with the responsibility of protecting their minority brethren.
“The members of the majority community will have to give a written undertaking that they will ensure full protection to the minorities,” police officials here said.

“A similar undertaking will have to be given by the Muslims in the areas where they outnumber the Hindus...there the Muslims will be responsible for safeguarding the lives and properties of Hindus,” they said.

To see that each community fulfils the task assigned, a register would be maintained in all police stations in the concerned areas, where the members would state in black and white that they would protect the lives of the minorities, their places of worship and their properties.

The police have also set up peace committees, the officials said. Senior police officers attached to the state police chief’s office will be in constant touch with eminent people, village pradhans and other respected persons to ensure that quick action can be taken in times of trouble.

Keeping in mind that some anti-social elements may want to take advantage of the volatile situation, a control room has been set up at police headquarters here for thwarting provocative text messages, the officials said.

The security personnel in the districts have also been directed to keep a strict watch on the activities of such people.

“The government does not want to take any chances...We are committed to prevent any flaring up of communal violence following the temple-mosque ownership verdict,” they added.

The state had witnessed large scale divisive violence in Faizabad and other places after the demolition of the disputed structure in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.