Taking the natural route

Taking the natural route

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Taking the natural route

Jamal’s interest in hair began from personal experiences. “As a teenager, I hated my hair because it was curly and nothing really worked on it,” he says. “That is when I started experimenting with products,” he adds.

“I went to beauty school only when people started suggesting it. I had no such plans and my parents wanted me to study accounting,” he says laughing. Having been in the industry for about 17 years now, how does he describe his experience? “It is very exciting. I get to work with really beautiful and talented women and help establish their looks,” he says.

About his most memorable experience, he says, “it was while I was working with  Odiele Gilbert’s team for a Giovanni show. Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista were there. I was just so enamoured and intimidated. That was one of the most challenging and memorable shows of my life,” he says.

“It is all about creativity for me,” he says. And how does he maintain the balance with the amount of abuse that the hair has to go through? “I say less is more. What makes the hair modern is how touchable and natural it is,” he says. “You should not overuse the products,” he adds.

He also talks about his affinity towards natural products. “When I started working, there was huge gap in the market in terms of products that did not work. As a child, I had very sensitive skin and that was the time I discovered shea butter,” he says.

“And while working, I started mixing it with other natural products such as essential oils and used it for my clients. That was how it began,” he says. Giving some tips on maintaining healthy hair, he says, “You can use avocado oil, coconut oil and light creams.

Also try to protect your hair from the sun by wearing scarves.” “Use a good quality conditioner. Today, women use colour, curling irons, straighteners and metallic hair brushes,” he says.  “You should use wooden combs which are in harmony and are healthy for the hair,” he adds. Any advice for the working women? “If you prefer the ‘wash and go’ look, you should apply some product and let the hair dry naturally before venturing out. It sets the hair without using the dryer,” he says.