Mixing business with pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure

Interesting events

Mixing business with pleasure

 Participants of the Surprise Event.

Budding corporates put their skills to practice as the Jyoti Nivas College presented Arbitrium 2010, a national-level inter-collegiate business fest.

Deccan Herald was the media partner for this event. The fest was inaugurated by corporate honcho Harish Bijoor on day one.

Following the inauguration, a total of eleven interesting events related to the different fields of finance, marketing and human resources, were held over a span of two days. These events, like Moot Court, Advertising, Tourism Marketing and Business Quiz, were surely not a cakewalk for these intelligent students of management and commerce. 

The Surprise Event, held on the second day proved to be lots of fun, for both the students and spectators.

The event consisted of various teams, where each had to design a poster on an issue persisting in the society and explain this design to the entire class.

Later, the members of each team had to answer the questions of the judges, who were teachers from the college itself.

While a group of students spoke about the dowry system in the Indian society, two other students spoke on global warming.

“Even in today’s world, women are not given a lot of importance,” said a student as she explained the poster on dowry which read out When Tears Stop, A Revolution

 “In a changing society, this is what we need to inculcate and a woman has to take the steps herself to stop the problem.” 

One of the most popular events was the Stress Interview, which is similar to the Best Manager.

A panel of judges thoroughly interrogated the participants for over 15 minutes on the various things the participants had spoken about themselves during their introduction.
So questions like ‘Did you randomly pick these qualities from the dictionary to describe yourself?’ and ‘Are your parents actually proud of you?’ were dodged by the contestants.

Many of them handled the rude questioning extremely well and answered with dignity and politeness.

Tania Philip, a final year BCom student, who was one of the organisers, explained the different competitions that took place during the fest. “Moot Court is a competition which has a court-like atmosphere with two teams defending a business-related case,” she said.

“The advertising event mainly consisted of logo design for a brand.”  

All in all, it was all about business mixed with pleasure at this fun-filled fest with the students certainly emerging brighter after learning a thing or two about the field they will be making their careers in.

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