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The day we felt on top of the world!

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, Coz girl you're amazing, Just the way you are..." As the song ended, the voices of me and my friends subsided. We were on our way to play a match in Kanteerva stadium.  We had already played two basketball matches.The second one was against a team from a place called Mandya that morning and we had won. They were tough and the game had been rough. Yes, we were in the finals!

This match was the finals of our state sub- junior championships. Even before we reached, we were nervously wondering which team we were up against. The fact that we were a strong team calmed me down a bit but, my palms were clammy and adrenaline was coursing through my veins.

We reached Kanteerva stadium in a frenzy of nervous excitement. A few of my team- mates had already reached. After a few minutes our captain, Chahana arrived and we started warming up in the indoor stadium. We were to play there which really excited us because we had only once before played in an indoor stadium.  The sound of the basketball hitting the wooden court was soothing and somehow the thumps made me feel the rush only a sports person will understand....but still did not calm me. Our coach came and after warming up, we put the basketball in the middle of a circle we had formed and we prayed. Then we put our hands together and in perfect unison, we cried, "FIGHT!"

The moment had arrived.  The whistle sounded and the game began. We were playing against a team from Mangalore called N. Shetty. The stadium was filled with cheers and anxious coaches barking out instructions. The game was intense and swift. It was unlike any other match that I had played. We gave every second our best. As we played, it made me realise how much I admire sports. Basketball is a team game and an intense game. Our team was in complete sync. In the last quarter, the score was 59- 41. The whistle sounded and all my teammates and I ran onto the court. Our team, Mounts Club had just won the state sub- junior title.

The win was exhilarating. It was awesome. It was magical. It was so unreal. All of us were in a state of bliss at our victory and we were hugging each other, screaming, high-fiving each other, asking each other whether it was real.

I will never, ever forget that match in my whole life. I went up to my coaches Jayvanti maam and Ms. Murli and they were beaming from ear-to-ear. My friend Trisha and I were flabbergasted. We couldn't believe we had done it. 

A girl came behind me and hugged me. It was Lopa, one of the best players on our team. That day, I truly understood what it means to feel on 'top of the world'. We were calling up family members and friends and in hysterical, high-pitched voices we were trying to convey that we were now champions. 

That moment, when the whistle sounded, was like it was happening in slow motion. One moment, we were sitting in tense silence waiting to see what would happen and the next, we were on our feet, screaming and smiling like mad people.

We were then given our trophy. It was one thing to smile and clap if your school or club won but it was another thing to be part of a team that won it. All of us in turn kissed it. It was a moment of true team spirit and when the trophy came into my hands I felt the cool steel. It is so precious. I asked my team captain, "Is this a dream?" She playfully slapped me and said, "What do you think?" We laughed and laughed and our eyes were shining so brightly that the whole world could have been lit up by them. But we didn't get a chance for that as we were blinded by the sudden flashes of cameras. News reporters were taking down our names and some forty pictures were clicked, capturing this moment.

I went home that day feeling proud that I had achieved something. The early morning, tiring practices, the juggling that I had to do for the evening practices for the last few weeks now made me see how much it was worth it. Anu, Lopa, Arushi, Sonal, Adhya, Chahana, Vida, Darineh, Trisha, Shayna, Neha and I had won something together, as a dream team. It's been three weeks since we claimed the trophy. The excitement still hasn't died...I don't think it ever will.

By Shivangi Kajaria
MAIS  STD 8, Age, 13

Changing World

On a busy road I walk alone,
As now it seems , quite unknown.
 Worried, look back and say,
“Have I come the right way?”
I see a little boy beg for food.
And No, that’s not good.
A father hits his son with a stick.
As two men fight with bricks.
Some one is busy chopping a tree.
Which once gave Oxygen for free.
My little toy shop is nowhere to be seen.
It’s sad, cuz my favourite it had been.
Also in sight, is a lavish Mall.
With joy and pride, it stands tall.
I sigh as I see the increase in crime.
As the Policemen enjoy taking bribe.
With sadness and remorse I walk back,
As I seem to have lost track.
Now I turn and walk away,
And to myself I say,
“It’s a Changing World!”

9th grade
Never Let Go

I know it feels bad,
And you become all sad,
When something goes wrong,
But you gotta be strong.
The world seems Upside down,
And then comes the frown,
All I can say,
‘Don’t let the smile wither away!”
You Cry,you weep,
You try hard to sleep.
It’s not gonna help,
Unless you believe in yourself.
Please don’t cry,
I say with a sigh.
It’s now been a while,
Since I saw you smile!.
Tomorrow will be bright,
And will will go right.
All you gotta know,
Is to,
Never Let Go!.

Mahati, 9th grade, National Public School

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