Time to leave some fashionable footprints...

Time to leave some fashionable footprints...

Time to leave some fashionable footprints...

 Anklets have become a style statement.

Payals or anklets have undergone a drastic transition over the years. Though these beautiful accessories have been worn by women for centuries, at one point of time, the younger generation had stayed away from them as they found anklets did not go with Western clothes.

Fortunately, now with payals taking a trendy new avatar to suit the taste and requirements of modern women, they are back in vogue with all age groups.  Though demand for heavily-carved silver anklets has declined over the years, anklets with precious and semi-precious metals are popular among young girls who have found in them a trendy fashion accessory.

These thin chain anklets, which come with chic designs and are available for reasonable prices, have stolen young hearts. And these youngsters prefer to wear them on one leg. “I am totally in love with thin chain-beaded anklets which can be worn on one leg. Thankfully, these days markets have an exotic collection of beaded anklets to offer.

I wear them with salwars and kurtas but I match modern outfits with metal ankle chains. They provide a glamourous look to my feet when worn with capris,” says
Namitha of New Horizon College.

When it comes to wearing anklets with traditional Indian attire, women like to go for ethnic payals with heavy designs.  But it is the artificial gold anklets that have taken the fashion world by storm.

“Artificial gold anklets studded with shells, gemstones and pearls are in great demand these days. Though the silver and gold prices are on the rise, the demand for ‘payals’ has not come down. But every age group has its own preference. College-goers ask for single elastic payals made of wood, crystals, semi-precious stones and seashells.”

“There is a separate bridal collection called Pag Paan with heavy works. And
middle-aged women still like to wear the traditional silver payals,” says Kethan Gadia who has an exclusive anklet showroom.

The girls have many reasons on why they opt for an artificial anklet over a traditional one.

“Since traditional anklets make noise, we can’t wear them with formal dresses and when a dress code is in place. And we can’t afford a huge collection of silver chains. The non-traditional ones are affordable and if we are little creative, we can prepare our own set,” says Tanya of Dayananda Sagar Engineering College .