India seeks China's support for Security Council bid

India seeks China's support for Security Council bid

India seeks China's support for Security Council bid

"The world is talking today about the reform of the UN Security Council and finding a place for nations who deserve to be permanent members of Security Council," she said in an interview to the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) here.

"India counts itself among that group of (deserving) countries. We believe that India is a deserving candidate for permanent membership of the Security Council. We would like to see greater understanding from China of India's case for permanent membership of the (UN) Security Council," she said.

She said there is a "groundswell" of support developing within the membership of the UN wherein over 140 countries backed the launch of "text-based" negotiations both for the permanent and non-permanent categories of the UNSC.

India has been making a case for the support of China, a veto-wielding member of the UNSC, for its candidature for a permanent seat.The issue figured in a host of meetings between the top leadership of the two countries in the past, including during this year's China visits of President Pratibha Patil and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna.
China for its part has been stating that it understands India's aspirations and advocating patience to reach a consensus on the issue as some other countries including Japan are also bidding for a permanent UNSC seat.

In her interview to the Chinese TV, Rao also talked about the "very good example" of cooperation set by the two countries to deal with issues relating to climate change.
"India and China definitely are the biggest developing countries and I can scarcely fail to emphasise the importance of collective and coordinated action among all the developing countries to tackle the problem of climate change.

"India and China have established a very good example of cooperation to deal with climate change and to link it to sustainable development," she said.Rao said India was confident of achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

On the MDGs, both countries were able to register "significant milestones", especially the goals relating to reduction of poverty, she said."In fact India itself is expected to lift 188 million people out of poverty by 2015," Rao said.

Asked whether it will happen, she said "it is definitely going to be reality."On the issue of AIDS, India and China should work for collective global action to deliver the best possible medical care to the affected people with stress on preventive care, she said.