When time just flies by...

When time just flies by...

When time just flies by...

Time flies, especially on the two days of the week when there are no deadlines, work or assignments. So what is it that the people of the City find time for during these two holidays?  “I spend the entire week preparing a list of all the things to do which includes washing clothes, cooking something nice, waking up early and exercising on both days, reading and watching a movie,” says Vikrant, a professional. “But instead, I spend the weekend mostly in the house sleeping more than usual, watching TV, putting the clothes in detergent, eating Maggi and forgetting about the clothes altogether,” he adds. And he is not alone.

For many people, the weekend is solely reserved for good rest and nothing else. “I just sleep on holidays and do absolutely nothing,” says Aaron, a B.Com student.

“I am so stressed out during the week that I just wake up late and spend the entire day lazing around the house,” says Sangeeta, a professional.

But sleeping is not the end of it. Many describe the weekend as a continuous run of television episodes.

“Everyone is generally sitting in front of the television the entire day so I end up watching a lot of re-runs on the TV during the weekends,” says Ameena, a student. Movies also figure a place in many people’s lists with channels trying to cash in on the time people spend at home.

 “I do end up watching movies if I am staying back at home. It is both relaxing as well as fun,” says Sandeep, a student.  “I generally go for dinner and catch up on movies if I have a day off,” says Manisha, a student.  But many complain that they find it hard to get time for hobbies or creative things. “My weekdays are really busy, so there’s always a bucket  load of expectations for my weekends. The most I am able to do is read for a few hours or catch a movie,” says Ritika, a student.

“Nowadays, whenever I am at home, I mostly spend time on Facebook, chat with friends or fill those time pass quizzes,” says Sangeeta. And ‘fast’ is the one characteristic of the weekend that everyone agrees with.

“These two days finish before you know it mostly because you are doing nothing. Sleeping takes up most of the time and soon, all you are left with is the Sunday evening,” says Vikrant.