‘Demonetisation was unscientific’

‘Demonetisation was unscientific’

Members of District Congress Committee have condemned the implementation of demonetisation by the Centre and have termed it as most ‘’unscientific move.”

Speaking during a protest organised on the occaison of second anniversary of demonetisation, Udupi district Congress president Janardhan Thonse alleged that the demonetisation had massively affected the economic growth of the country.

“The prime minister should be held responsible. His hasty decision has cost the country heavily. He did not take expert opinion over the decision.”

Congress leader M A Gafoor said the central government has to pay for the unscientific decision.

The public are now aware of the impact of demonetisation, which is huge blunder.

The Congress workers shouted slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.