Intl conspiracy to prevent Modi from coming to power: C T Ravi

Intl conspiracy to prevent Modi from coming to power: C T Ravi

Chikkamagaluru MLA and BJP state general secretary C T Ravi said that there is an international conspiracy to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from coming to power again in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, he said that the international community fears that India would become a superpower if Modi becomes Prime Minister once again. The Opposition fears that they will have to permanently sit at home if Modi and BJP continue to win the election.
There is also a conspiracy to create anarchy and unrest across the country till the Lok Sabha polls. "As part of the conspiracy, the ongoing farmers stir is going on in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and some other states in the country. More than a concern for farmers, it is the criminal mind of the Congress and the CPM that is working in the farmers stir," he said.

He appealed to the citizens of the country to be aware of such a conpsiracy by the Opposition parties and to not allow them to put up their “tents” in their respective states.

Ravi said that the BJP could have formed the government in the state had it won more seats in districts starting with letter ‘B’—Ballari, Belagavi, Bengaluru, Bijapur and Bidar. “We had expected at least 15 seats in Bengaluru and five to six seats in Bijapur. In Badami, the JD(S) had a retail business to ensure the victory of the Congress,” he felt.

“The voters of these districts in the state have not whole-heartedly supported the party and thus failed in getting the simple magic number for the majority to form the government. In spite of people rejecting the Congress and the JD(S), the duo formed an ‘unholy alliance’ to come to power and prevent the BJP from forming the government.

He alleged that both the Congress and JD(S) were giving inducements to teachers and graduates who are the voters of the South West Teachers’ and Teachers’ Constituency for the Legislative Council elections.

"Both the Congress and JD(S) have given sumptuous meals (Baad Oota) to them. This was wrong. It is a tragedy that luring of voters has reached even the teachers and graduates constituency. At a few places, the parties have booked principals to distribute money for the voters, which has already been brought to the notice of the Election Commission. The BJP has been winning the constituency for the last three decades," he said.

In reply to a query about the BJP failing to win the simple majority in spite of BJP national president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi fully concentrating on Karnataka, he said, “After the teachers and graduates constituency election, the BJP will hold a meeting to discuss the failure of the party in getting a simple majority. In spite of it, the BJP will unite the citizens in its favour for the Lok Sabha polls,” he said.

In reply to a query on VHP and Bajrang Dal activists involved in the suspicious death of cattle trader in Udupi, MLA C T Ravi said the BJP does not support any murder by way of taking law into its own hands. At the same time, the BJP does not support even illegal activities like illegal transportation of cattle and illegal cow slaughter. The police should conduct an impartial probe into the incident.