Secret Diary: Cong marked absent in voters' attendance

Secret Diary: Congress marked absent in voters' attendance

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To all those who think Congress is on the brink of fazing away from the nation’s political scene, please! Talk to my hand!

Yes, I am aware that I was absent for a small part… well, most part, almost all of the Delhi Election.

In my defence, I had a lot in my hand, filling Sheilaji’s shoes is a task and a half. And with Soniaji’s illness, it was tough to cope. We are, afterall, a national party.

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Leadership is under construction. Like Ernest Hemingway said, “Now is not the time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what you have.”

We have an elaborate plan ready for the upcoming elections, so, where we shall have the upper hand.
The other party? We do not speak his name here.

We were not on the top three in the ECI’s result page because they go by alphabetical order. It has nothing to do with our results in the previous election.

What else…?

Congratulations AAP. Good show. #HaathJhuktaNahi

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