Exit Poll Results 2021 highlights: TMC edges past BJP in Bengal; LDF to retain Kerala, DMK to sweep Tamil Nadu

With polling in four states and one UT - West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry coming to an end, Assembly election exit poll results have also come out. The exit poll results suggest that TMC will retain power in Bengal, while BJP will win in Assam. On the other side, Stalin's DMK is on the winning side in Tamil Nadu and Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF is going to have the last laugh in Kerala.
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    Tamil Nadu Exit Poll 2021: Stalin-led DMK set to sweep state elections

    According to the projection of Today's Chanakya, AIADMK will lose Tamil Nadu and DMK will come back to power with over 175 seats.

    According to India Today-Axis My India, DMK is predicted to get 175-195 seats, while AIADMK may get 38-54 seats. AMMK is projected to get 1-2 seats.

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    Assam Exit Poll Results 2021

    Here are the exit poll results for the Assam Assembly. The majority mark in the 126-member Assembly is 64.

    ABP-C Voter
    NDA: 58-71
    Congress: 53-66
    Others: 0-5

    BJP alliance: 62-70
    Congress alliance: 56-64
    Others: 0-4

    India Today-Axis My India
    BJP alliance: 75-85
    Congress alliance: 40-50
    Others: 1-4

    Republic TV-CNX
    BJP alliance: 74-84
    Congress alliance: 40-50
    Others: 1-3

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    Tamil Nadu Exit Poll Results 2021

    Here are some of the major exit poll results for the Tamil Nadu Assembly. The majority mark in the 234-member Assembly is 118.

    Republic TV-CNX
    AIADMK alliance: 58-68
    DMK alliance: 160-170
    AMMK alliance: 4-6

    AIADMK alliance: 40-65
    DMK alliance: 165-190
    AMMK alliance: 1-3

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    Kerala Exit Polls 2021: Pinarayi Vijayan all the way, predicts Axis My India

    According to Axis My India predictions, LDF will win around 104 to 120 seats. According to pollsters, Vijayan is way ahead because of his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the floods.

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    At A Glance: West Bengal Exit Poll Results 2021

    Here are the major exit poll results for the West Bengal Assembly. The majority mark in the 294-member Assembly is 148.

    ETG Research

    TMC: 164-176
    BJP: 105-115
    Congress-Left alliance: 10-15

    TMC: 152-172
    BJP: 112-132
    Congress-Left alliance: 10-20

    ABP C-Voter
    TMC: 152-164
    BJP: 109-121
    Congress-Left alliance: 14-25

    CNN News18
    TMC: 162
    BJP: 115
    Congress-Left alliance: 15

    Republic TV-CNX
    TMC: 128-138
    BJP: 138-148
    Congress-Left alliance: 11-21

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    Kerala Exit Poll 2021: India Today-Axis My India predicts return of Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF


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    West Bengal Exit Poll 2021: Times Now's poll of polls keeps TMC ahead of BJP

    Times Now's poll of polls, which is an average of the predictions of some pollsters, has also kept Trinamool ahead of the BJP. Only CNX-Republic has predicted that BJP will get 143 seats, while the TMC will get 133 seats. Rest of the psephologists, including P-Maarq, ETG and C Voter, has projected clear majority for the TMC.

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      Chanakya Exit Poll: Assam Election 2021 Seat Projection

    BJP+:70 ± 9 Seats
    Cong+:56 ± 9 Seats
    Others:00 ± 3 Seats

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    NDTV Poll of Exit Polls at 7.15 pm

    DMK and allies to sweep Tamil Nadu
    BJP to retain Assam
    LDF predicted to win in Kerala

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    Assam exit poll: More women voters favoured BJP, says Axis My India

    The Axis My India prediction showed BJP in the state has been favoured by women voters.

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    Didi Vs Modi: TMC to retain West Bengal, predicts C Voter

    In 'Didi versus Modi' in West Bengal, C Voter is keeping Didi ahead with 158 projected seats, while BJP is likely to bag 115 seats and the Left-Congress alliance will get somewhere around 19 seats.

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    Republic-CNX Exit Polls predict hung assembly for Bengal


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    ABP C-Voter exit poll predicts TMC win in Bengal

    ABP C-Voter exit poll predicts TMC win in BengalVote percentageon 292 seats as per ABP C-Voter surveyTMC: 42.1% votes ; 152-64 seats
    BJP: 39% votes ; 109-21 seats
    Congress+ : 15.4% votes ; 14-25 seats

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    Assam exit poll: Axis My India predicts 48% vote share for BJP

    The BJP is set to retain Assam, predicts Axis My India poll. For Assam exit poll, Axis My India took up a sample size of 27,189.

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    India Today-Axis My India Assam exit poll results


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    All eyes are set on the 294-seat West Bengal Assembly where a heated contest is expected between the ruling Trinamool Congress and BJP. The CPI (M)-Congress-ISF alliance is also expected to wrestle some seats.

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    With the end of the eighth and final phase of polling in West Bengal, the voting for Assembly elections in four states and one Union Territory comes to an end. Pollsters are all set to release their exit poll surveys from 7pm.