Big-fat Kapil Sharma wedding saw a benevolent side

Big-fat Kapil Sharma wedding saw a benevolent side

The recent big-fat Punjabi wedding of popular comic actor Kapil Sharma in Jalandhar in Punjab had a benevolent side to it.

While the wedding was high on Patiala-pegs, glitz and glamour, Kapil Sharma had roped in a Delhi-based NGO to ensure that the unconsumed lavish food at the end of the wedding is not wasted in anyway and reaches the hungry in slums.

Kapil pre-planned the tie-up with an NGO, Feeding India, and made sure that the leftover food from the wedding kitchen and chafing dishes on the serving tables are collected, packed nicely and taken to the slum area to feed the hungry. Kapil apparently did it all silently without his guests getting a whiff of his caring act on his big day.

The same NGO is likely to be there in Mumbai on December 24 for Kapil Sharma’s reception bash to collect the leftover food. Bigwigs from the Tinsel town are expected to attend the function. Feeding India representative of Ludhiana team, Anirudh, said Kapil Sharma is the first celebrity to have contacted them for the leftover food collection to be distributed to the hungry. He said the NGO had launched an online campaign a few months ago which invited likes of several from the Bollywood.

Kapil Sharma, he said, got in touch with them during the campaign and desired to be a part of the mission to feed the hungry. Feeding India teams of young boys and girls dressed up in green T-shirts scrolled through the venue at the end of the wedding to make sure all the unconsumed food is collected for the hungry. Kapil of the popular ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has got married his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath. The NGO hopes this small gesture will inspire others to follow suit.