Terminator: Dark Fate' will be R-rated, says Tim Miller

Terminator: Dark Fate' will be R-rated, says Tim Miller

Actress Linda Hamilton and director Tim Miller arrive for the “Terminator: Dark Fate” red carpet event at the Hilton Bayfront during Comic-Con in San Diego. AFP Photo

Filmmaker Tim Miller has revealed that his upcoming directorial "Terminator: Dark Fate" will be an R-rated film.

The much-awaited film is a direct sequel to James Cameron's 1991 "Terminator: Judgement Day" and will retcon the events of the last three films of the franchise.

Appearing at a panel on San Diego Comic-Con, Miller said the R-rating is in the DNA of the franchise, reported Variety.

"It's because it wasn't always that way, and the fans kind of demanded it. The DNA of 'Terminator' is an R-rated f***ing movie," Miller said.

The new film reunites Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who originally starred in the first two films. Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in "Judgement Day", will also feature in the new movie.

In "Dark Fate", the three actors are joined by newcomers Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta. It is set to be released on November 1.