Director Madhur opens up on series 'Lips Don't Lie'

Personal experiences came in handy while making 'Lips Don't Lie', says director Madhur Agarwal

Madhur Agarwal had earlier directed 'What's Your Status' for Kingfisher Ultra

Director Madhur Agarwal. Credit: PR Handout

Director Madhur Agarwal says that he drew inspiration from real-life incidents while working on the anthology Lips Don't Lie, which explores the complex side of relationships. In an email interaction with DH, he added that the Gemplex original highlights the need to question one's partner as people tend to lie for 'selfish reasons'.  He also said that the digital medium (also known as OTT) has created employment opportunities for those associated with the industry. 

Edited excerpts from the interview:

What encouraged you to take up Lips Don't Lie?

After directing What's Your Status for Kingfisher Ultra,  I started thinking about real-life experiences. I ultimately decided to make the anthology to enjoy (highlight) the dual nature of everyone around us. My personal experiences came in handy while making Lips Don't Lie. It's not necessary that the person we call our better half is really our better half. We never know what's going on in the mind of our partner as expressions can be deceptive.

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What encouraged you to make an anthology?

For me, telling (narrating) the story is more important than the format in question. One can justify (do justice to) a story in the longer format. The challenge is to finish the story in a shorter span.  The beginning, the middle portion and the end need to be convincing. Keeping the audience hooked till the end is a big task as there are umpteen options available. 

Why is it called Lips Don't Lie?

We manipulate a lot of things for a variety of selfish reasons. Lips do lie most of the time and the title has a sarcastic touch. It encourages the audience to question themselves and their partners. 

What is your take on the OTT revolution?

This definitely is a revolution. It has its own pros and cons. However, digitalisation has overall created a lot of opportunities for those associated with the industry. It started a long time ago with YouTube and has now taken the whole world by a storm. This revolution is going to create many more avenues and opportunities for Bollywood.  

How did you get interested in filmmaking/direction?

I have always been attracted to the creative aspect of things. I began my journey as a production boy and ultimately became a director, which was my aim. I knew that it was going to be a tough journey as I do not have a godfather or connections in the industry. So decided to go down the tough route. 

Your favourite directors?

Raj Kapoor Ji

Who is your support system?

Well, this a tough one but yes my mother has been my support system since the time I entered the industry. She has always encouraged me to not give up. The positive and "give up giving up" drive (attitude) helps me fight all challenges in life. 

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