Metrolife: Sorry, 3 of 9 ATMs out of cash

Metrolife: Sorry, 3 of 9 ATMs out of cash

UCO Bank’s ATM on MG Road worked fine and dispensed cash.

With cash shortage being reported from across the country, Metrolife did a quick check on  Wednesday at the ATMs in Bengaluru’s central business district. 

Of nine ATMs we visited on MG Road, three did not dispense any money at all. Here is what we found:

A cakewalk

Withdrawing money from Canara Bank’s Candi ATM was a cakewalk as we punched in for Rs 500 and got the money. So was the case with ATMs of Vijaya Bank, opposite Eva Mall, SBI on Church Street and UCO Bank on MG Road. They had no problem with smaller denomination either. We punched for Rs 100 and received it at all these ATMs. 

No Rs 100

When we tried withdrawing money Rs 100 from the Kotak Mahindra ATM on MG Road, we received an alert saying transactions in denominations of Rs 200 were a possibility. We tried, and true to its word, the ATM dispensed a Rs 200 note.

At the Corporation Bank ATM, near LIC Building on MG Road, we weren’t so lucky when we sought Rs 100. ‘Denomination requested by you is not available. Please enter in multiples of Rs 100 or Rs 500’. Huh? Isn’t Rs 100 a multiple of Rs 100?

No money!

After we swiped a debit card at the SBI ATM on MG Road, a ‘Temporarily unable to dispense cash’ screen stared back at us.

An HDFC ATM near Blue Frog on Church Street showed an alert, ‘We are unable to process this amount’ when we tried to draw Rs 100.

An ICICI ATM on Brigade Road was also ‘Unable to dispense required amount’.

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