Fish market in Udupi is hi-tech only in name

Fish market in Udupi is hi-tech only in name

A view of hi tech fish market in Udupi.

The hi-tech fish market for women constructed on the PPC Road in town is suffering from a lack of basic amenities.

“The market is hi-tech only in name,” insist the fisherwomen.

“Hundreds of customers visit the fish market on a daily basis. The unpleasant surroundings, however, make it difficult for them to enter the market for purchase,” said a fisherwoman.

The other sellers too pointed that the market lacks cleanliness.

“The drains are filled with fish waste and sewage water and, therefore, are choked. As a result, the smell emanating from the drains is extremely foul and has been inconveniencing the fish sellers as well as the customers,” the sellers complained.

The women sell fish at the market from dawn to dusk. Some get the fish to the market in luggage autos.

The merchants said that there is also shortage of water in the market.

The sellers said, “We clean the fish market ourselves. Due to non-availability of the required quantity of water, however, we are forced to draw water from a nearby well.”

“Although there is a separate restroom in the market for fisherwomen, it has no door. As a result, most of us ace embarrassment,” said the women sellers.

“The unscientific disposal of garbage has aggravated the problems of hygiene in the market,” they added.

“Due to the non-availability of CCTV cameras, there has been an increase in the number of cases of theft in the market. There are several instances of sellers losing their hard-earned money,” the sellers added.

The hi-tech market was developed at a cost of Rs 2.38 crore by the Coastal Development Authority. The market was handed over to the Udupi City Municipal Council in 2017.