Fishmongering gets communal touch in DK

Fishmongering gets communal touch in DK

Under the pretext of championing 'Hindutva,' a group of youth from pro-Hindu organisations are all set to give Muslim fishmongers a run for their money.

The business of fishmongering is dominated by members from Muslim community since ages.

Members of Muslim community selling fish in two-wheelers, autos, goods vehicles and cars is a common spectacle across villages and urban pockets in the district. The number of fishmongers from Hindu community selling fishes at the door steps of houses in villages is very few. 

Vinay Kumar and his friends, members of a pro-Hindu organisation, had begun selling fishes in Vittal and surrounding areas on a pilot basis. A message in support of such Hindu fishmongers on social media reads, “Hindu activists will arrive in vehicles selling fish at your door step. Varieties of fish will be available at reasonable price. Join hands in the effort of our Hindu activists.” The WhatsApp message also included the contact number of Kumar. 

The fish business is spread over a radius of 20-km radius. Daily, the members launch the fish business from Kukkaje at 8.10 am. Later, these vehicle passes through Salethooru, Karai, Madaka, Kudthamugeru, Kodangai and later in Kadambu-Anilakatte-Poorlappady-Kantukadelu-Kudtamugeru. 

When contacted Vinay Kumar confirmed the sale of fish by pro-Hindu organisations. He however refused to name the organisations.

“We are not communal. Even Muslims purchase fish from us,” he said and added that the business had been good so far. Vinay Kumar justifying their transformation as fish mongers said a majority of the Muslims were engaged in the sale of fish.

“Thus the population of Muslim community had increased in and around Kadambu. In any incidents of civic unrest police are registering cases against us (Hindus). “So we also decided to get into the business of fish mongering. A few are extending support by publicising our efforts through the WhatsApp,” he said.