‘Football House’ is cynosure of all eyes

‘Football House’ is cynosure of all eyes

Former footballer Noel Wilson’s ‘Football House’ at N R Mohalla in Mysuru.

Taking inspiration from a soccer ball’s design, a former international footballer has expressed his love towards the game by designing his house in Mysuru with 105 replicas of the football.

While football fever has gripped the country with the ongoing FIFA World Cup-2018 in Russia, a house in Mysuru has suddenly become popular for its unique design.

This is the house of former international football player Noel Wilson at N R Mohalla in the city. He has decorated his house with 105 replicas of footballs. He has also set up a small museum displaying items related to football.

The house is famously known as the ‘Football House’ in the area. A great lover of the game and an international player, Wilson has his figure carved on the main door. The two-storey house has been designed with footballs on the gate, walls, windows, stairs, clock, water tank, balcony grill and other places. The replica of a football, measuring six feet and made of iron grills, decorates the gate of this house.

The house, with various pictures and posters of football players, a collection of trophies, his photographs and mementoes, shows his love for the game. Wilson, 37, has represented India in the Bristol Freedom Cup in 1998.

He serves as the coach of Asian Football Confederation and Roots Football Academy.