Actors say they indulge in sweets, work out hard later

Glam people in the Kannada film industry talk about their favourite sweets, and excess antidotes
Last Updated 25 October 2019, 13:45 IST

Sandalwood actors have often stunned us with their slender, strong bodies on screen. They follow strict diets, workout schedules and never overeat. But as Deepavali approaches even they go all out, when they are surrounded by sweets and festival food.

Metrolife asked some celebrities about how they deal with the extra calories, during the day and after it.

‘Follow a good detoxifying process’

Ragini Dwivedi, Actress

Recently seen on screen in ‘Adhyaksha in America’, the actress has been strictly following the healthy route.

But festival days are for binging, she says. “I cannot stay away from ‘Motichoor Ladoo’ and ‘Kaju Kwwwatli’ on Deepavali. I do not watch my diet or calories during the festival. The best way to deal with the calories is to follow a good detoxifying process,” she says.

Ragini says Deepavali is about having lots of fun.

“After the festival day, I go on a fruit or vegetable diet for a few days, which cleanses the system from all the grease and sugar consumed. My fitness regimen focuses more on cardio exercises during this time,” she says.

She adds that she consumes more green tea during the ‘detox period’.

‘I avoid carbs for three days post-Deepavali’

Suraj Gowda
Suraj Gowda

Suraj Gowda, Actor

Model-turned-actor Suraj Gowda has always been passionate about looking and feeling fit.

He says, “After having worked out at the gym for almost a decade, I know how my body responds to calories. I know how much weight I can gain and lose in a month; I’m well aware of my body.”

Suraj does not restrict himself on special days like Deepavali, and indulges in his favourite sweet ‘Gulab Jamun’.

“My mother cooks a lot of food during this time and she expects me to enjoy it all. It is odd to visit relatives and meet family and tell them that I am on a diet, as we rarely get to spend time together,” he says.

After a festival day, the actor avoids carbohydrates entirely for three days and stays away from food with a lot of sugar, salt, and spice.

“I consume more salads and grilled chicken during those days, work out harder. Sometimes I increase my workout time too,” he says.

‘I never skip my workout’

Karthik Jayaram, Actor

Karthik Jayaram
Karthik Jayaram

Karthik Jayaram believes that weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle builds up in the long run.

He says, “When one consumes bad cholesterol on a daily basis, this is when one stands at a risk of gaining weight. Festivals on the other

hand, come only once in a while and indulging in the goodies will not reduce one’s muscle quality. I enjoy what is prepared at home; my mother prepares ‘Hesaru Kaalu Payasa’ which is healthy.”

According to the actor, everyone should enjoy festivals and workout accordingly later.

“I never skip my workout; after Deepavali, I just make sure that I workout and increase workout time at the gym, especially when there is a certain look I need to achieve for a project. Post festival season, I make sure that I have eggs and other sources of protein,” he says.

Karthik adds that a natural fat burner is water. “Drinking four to five litres of water cleanses the body, removes toxins and helps in managing weight,” he says.

Sonu Gowda
Sonu Gowda

‘I do not overeat’

Sonu Gowda, Actress

The ‘Gultoo’ actress lets herself free when its a festival day. “I eat well during the festival. Any other week, Monday to Saturday, I do around 40 minutes of cardio exercises that include cycling and treadmill. I also do weight and functional training exercises,” she says.

Sonu does not believe in starving oneself or dieting and loves having ‘Shankarpali’ and ‘Kobri Mitayi’, during Deepavali.

“I make it a point to not overeat on special days as I like to move around. I believe in eating healthy and detoxifying with good food later. After Deepavali, I work out as usual and eat a lot of fruits and greens leafy vegetables, and consume the right amount of protein,” she says.

(Published 25 October 2019, 13:44 IST)

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