Darshan case raises a stink of a different kind

Heavy vehicle flow near police station probing murder forces halt of sewage work
Last Updated : 19 June 2024, 22:30 IST

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Bengaluru: The high-profile murder investigation involving actor Darshan has halted a crucial sewage line project in Nagarabhavi 2nd Stage.

The project to lay a two-kilometre pipeline needs digging up of roads and requires partial closure of the Outer Ring Road service road.

Since a high volume of vehicles involved in the murder investigation need to pass through the road, traffic police have denied permission.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) was preparing to begin the work after public pressure since raw sewage has been flowing in increased volumes on Terige Bhavan Road in Nagarabhavi 2nd Stage for six months, posing a serious health hazard to residents.

The proposed 900 mm sewage line, intended to replace the 30-year-old 450 mm pipeline, would run from Thindi Mane near the Ring Road to 2nd F Main Road, passing in front of the Annnaporneshwari Nagar police station.

Last week, the police enforced prohibitory orders around the station to manage a large crowd supporting actor Darshan, accused of his involvement in the murder of Renukaswamy. The Annnaporneshwari Nagar police are handling the investigation.

Despite light showers, the road to Terige Bhavan continues to fill with sewage. To mitigate this issue until the new pipeline is laid, the BWSSB has deployed a vehicle to transport sewage to the treatment plant. However, despite these efforts, raw sewage is visible on the road.

A senior BWSSB official assured that the work will begin in a week. "People are complaining about the odour and mosquitos. I told them that the water board has approved the work, but it will take a year to complete. I have explained all this, but I keep getting calls from the same people. What more can I say?” said the official.

BWSSB sources told DH that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which initially denied permission due to blocking of roads for white-topping work, has consented to excavate the road.

Sewage in stormwater drain

While residents in one section of Nagarabhavi 2nd Stage are dealing with raw sewage flowing onto the road, those living near the stormwater drain between Papareddypalya and Vinayaka Layout are living with bad stench and mosquito issues.

They believe the BWSSB connected their sewage line to the drain following the rejuvenation of the lake near the Annaporneshwari Nagar police station.

A resident of Vinayaka Layout said the stormwater drain used to be dry on all non-rainy days. “For the first time, sewage has been flowing in the rajakaluve. Since we do not have elected councillors, we are unable to get the issue addressed quickly,” he said.

Another resident, who built a house next to the stormwater drain hoping to get better ventilation, regrets spending his hard-earned money on it. “We were happy in a rented house. Now, I fear keeping the doors and windows open for even a second. The smell is unbearable. To top it, we are busy chasing mosquitoes and rodents,” the software professional said.

Published 19 June 2024, 22:30 IST

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