Electronic music is thriving, says _RHL

Last Updated 22 March 2019, 13:05 IST

Rahul Glri aka ‘_RHL’ is a Bengaluru-based DJ and music producer.

Originally from Nepal, Rahul moved to the city for education and stayed back because of music and his wife. He started his musical journey with the city-based band ‘Lounge Piranha’ in 2006. Around 2009, he started working on a project with artiste Tanvi and launched their debut album ‘Till You Appear’ as Sulk Station in 2012.

An active explorer of the alternative and electronic music scene, Rahul is also the founder of record label Consolidate. What started as a platform for upcoming producers from the city in 2013 turned into a collective/record label in late 2015. Associated with the label are artistes like Disco Puppet, Aniruddh Menon, Aerate Sounds and Blindnight.

_RHL will be performing at the BUDX Mumbai this weekend. In an interview with Metrolife, the producer talks about his music, projects and more.

What is that you want to convey with your music?

Music making is a personal process for me. Mostly, I am just talking to myself. It is probably the only thing I can or want to do.

Any story behind your stage name ‘_RHL’?

There’s not much to it; it is my name without the vowels. Also, underscore to just add balance visually. Just ‘RHL’ looks really lame and lopsided.

Is it hard to establish yourself as an independent artiste in a country that is mostly into film music?

For a majority of artistes, yes, especially when it comes down to the finances. It’s fairly easy to make and put out music, but making money out of it is tough - whether it is sales or gigs.

Do you think there is a critical bias against electronic music?

Not at all. Electronic music is in a healthy state right now in terms of output, consumption and quality.

Any challenges that you face in the field?

If you are a musician, almost every day is a hustle. From finding meaningful engagement to taming social media algorithms, chasing payments, the list can go on.

Your dream collaboration.

Beth Gibbons.

About your future projects.

I will be putting out an EP at some point this year. Also, there are releases by Disco Puppet, Pardafash and more through Consolidate.

(Published 22 March 2019, 12:46 IST)

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