Here's how the multi-crore TDR scam unfolded

Last Updated : 04 May 2019, 20:45 IST

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As more and more skeletons are tumbling out of the BBMP's closet in the multi-crore Transferable Development Rights (TDR) scam, DH traces its genesis as per the records available with the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

How the scam unfolded

1. Revanna and Papanna, the children of Marappa, shared 6.22 acres of land in survey number 132 of Kudanhalli village, KR Puram, as per their father's will.

2. Although the sons formed residential layouts from the said land and sold sites to people in 2002, the title deed of the property still showed Revanna as the owner.

3. Some parts of survey number 132 — now owned by different people — were notified by the BBMP for widening the stretch between Battarahalli Road and TC Palya junction in 2009. Although the documents of the land are in Revanna's name, neither he nor any of his children applied for the TDR.

4. B S Surendranath, K Gautham, K Suresh and Valmark Realty Holdings signed an agreement with members of Revanna's family. Hiding the fact that the portion of Revanna's land was divided and sold as multiple sites to different individuals in the revenue layout, they applied for transfer of khata and change of family tree in December 2013.

5. BBMP officials inspected the site and transferred RTC records to Revanna's children in spite of the fact that the land had other owners. The above-mentioned suspects then signed a sale agreement with Revanna's children to transfer the TDR. They are also made a general power of attorney (GPA) to buy the TDR from them.

6. BBMP officials and people who had signed the TDR agreement subsequently inflated the extent of land acquired for the project and fixed a higher price for the land. This was to illegally benefit the TDR agreement holders and officials who colluded with them, causing losses to the BBMP.

7. They also entered into an agreement with the owners for relinquishment deed for the land acquired for crossroads. Following the agreement, the BBMP, which didn't take any steps to sanction the TDR between 2009 to 2014, suddenly sanctioned Development Rights Certificates in 46 days. Agreement holders later sold the TDR for Rs 56.37 crore, resulting in losses worth crores to the BBMP.

Published 04 May 2019, 19:52 IST

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