'Karnataka must adopt area development approach'

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Last Updated : 20 July 2018, 19:30 IST

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Karnataka is yet to adopt the area development approach that has been successfully implemented in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat for a quicker pace of growth, global research organisation World Resources Institute (WRI)-India has said.

The area development approach — described as the land adjustment and pooling model in the Town and Country Planning Act — can help the government carry out important infrastructure projects without major hassles.

Rejeet Mathews, member, WRI-India, said one of the reasons for the delay in projects like the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) and improper development of areas like Whitefield was that the government was focusing on land acquisition for developing major roads while ignoring the alternatives available in the law.

The Town and Country Planning Act talks in detail about the area development approach. Maharashtra and Gujarat have found it viable and faster than the road land acquisition method, which Karnataka follows, she added.

The area development approach, according to Rejeet, is a win-win situation for people as well as the government.

In this case, the government gets the required land while the land loser gets the money and enjoys all the facilities in the area. Not just the main road, but arterial and feeder roads are also developed. This ensures that people living a few blocks away from the main road also benefit. The property value increases in the long run.

The WRI-India’s research paper, entitled ‘State Led Alternative Mechanisms to Acquire, Plan and Service Land for Urbanisation in India’, lists six models successfully implemented in other states and suggests that the area development approach is ideal for a city like Bengaluru.

‘BDA interested’

The team held discussions on the area development approach with the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), which is preparing the Revised Master Plan 2031. BDA officials found the model interesting and have sought WRI-India’s suggestions.

Rejeet said: “The government can no longer follow the old model of acquiring a chunk of land and concentrating only on main roads. There is a need for the mixed approach. In upcoming areas, like those around the PRR, the area development approach is ideal.”

Published 20 July 2018, 19:16 IST

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