Many Bengalureans touring far and wide

Surprise fact: About 60 per cent of young Indians holidaying abroad are from this city
Last Updated : 24 March 2019, 20:05 IST

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Bengalureans are booking trips to some new destinations this summer, and business for tour operators is up by at least 25 per cent since last year.

While Bali and Singapore continue to remain popular, Bengalureans are also heading to Turkey, Egypt, and Kazakhstan.

Cox & Kings Ltd says it has seen a spike of at least 25 per cent in inquiries since last year for Switzerland, Thailand (seaside destination Phuket in particular), Indonesia (Bali), Egypt and Kenya.

Karan Anand, head of relationships, Cox & Kings Ltd, says, “Travellers are choosing new destinations because of better flight connectivity.”

While destinations in Switzerland offer fresh air, outdoor adventure and contemporary urban breaks, Phuket and Krabi boast stunning tropical sunsets and the warm blue sea.

Bali, with its active volcanoes, dense jungles, stunning beaches, and rich, ancient culture, has been a popular destination among Bengalureans for years.

“While the laidback attitude works for those out to relax, it is also an important party place, and a value-for-money beach destination,” he adds.

The surprising additions to the list are Egypt and Kenya.

“While there were some security concerns in Egypt earlier, it is a much sought-after destination now,” he says.

Rahul Singh, CEO, Ithaka Travel, a chat-based travel planning platform backed by Thomas Cook, says about 60 per cent of 25 to 35-year-old Indian tourists going abroad are from Bengaluru.

“They are friends’ groups or young couples, and prefer low-budget yet high on experience trips. The most common choice is Thailand for its exotic islands and scuba diving,” he says.

Many young couples look forward to visiting Turkey.
Many young couples look forward to visiting Turkey.

He has seen a rise in interest in Turkey among young couples. “Many media and travel platforms have listed Turkey as a hotspot,” he says.

Bali is considered an intimate place that works best for couples, with its spas, dinners and cruises.

“There is a rise in first-time international travellers opting for the Indonesian island. Fares are also relatively affordable,” he adds.

Travels are often planned according to budget and time. While most bachelors choose Thailand and Philippines, families opt for Malaysia, Singapore (with or without cruises), Indonesia (Bali), and Hong Kong (Macau). The last offers attractions for children.

Honeymooners and young couples choose Maldives, Bali, Mauritius and Seychelles.

Nagesh Babu, managing director, World Trails Pvt Ltd, says about 30 per cent tour tourists are choosing new destinations like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

“People like to explore new destinations now, including Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Denmark. It is mostly those between 30 and 50 who like going to these places,” he says.

Malaysia is popular among families.
Malaysia is popular among families.

Most first-time travellers (between 25 and 35) go to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, which are closeby, while well-travelled Bengalureans above 40 head to France,
Switzerland, Italy, Scotland and England, says S Mahalingaiah, director of Skyway International Travels.

“First-time travellers tend to go to neighbouring countries, while people who have already travelled might seek distant sights. The budget is a major factor, but other reasons are time and ease of obtaining visas,” he adds.

While it is cheaper and easier to get visas to countries around India, procedures to more distant destinations are not so easy.

Bengalureans who have seen nearby destinations are exploring Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Turkey.

“People across the globe are now seeking experiences, and not just sights. Domestic tourism has grown by 25 per cent since last year; it is at a high now,” he elaborates.

Published 24 March 2019, 11:25 IST

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