Marathons now running on remote participation

Apps are coming in handy for hosts to monitor runners’ progress
Last Updated 29 December 2020, 07:27 IST

With Bengaluru’s annual marathons going virtual, runners from outside the city are participating too.

Mahatma Gandhi Midnight Marathon had its 3rd edition earlier this month. The Bengaluru Virtual Marathon held on December 6 saw about 600 participants from across the country.

Manoj Chandrashekar, the organiser, says it was more work than other years. “It’s pretty much a day’s work when the event is held physically. For the virtual event, you have more work, and before and after the day,” he says. Participants instal apps on their phones that allow the event organisers to monitor their progress and send the participation certificates after.


The TCS World 10K marathon is on till December 27, and is organised by Procam International. Vivek Singh, joint managing director, Procam International, says, “We decided to keep the run going for more days so that more people can participate at their convenience.”

The participants are tracked using the TCS app. “A five-month pregnant woman ran the 10k, which was very inspiring,” he says.

Indian Marathon

Virtual marathons aren’t new for Indian Marathon; they have been doing it since 2018.

This year, they have organised 25 marathons. A seven-day event, Garmin Hot Ultra 2020, is on till December 26. Speaking to Metrolife, founder and CEO Prashant Choudhary, says 2,500 people have registered so far.

“We had another run in October which saw 9,700 participants from across the globe. Since we started, we keep seeing a 40 per cent growth every year; it’s the same this time too,” he says.

Runners’ review

Corporate employee Alysha Lobo participated in a virtual run from Goa. “I’ve always enjoyed running but when I moved to Goa during the lockdown, I decided to take it seriously,” she says. She misses the crowds and the cheering. “I have cheered for many runners in Bengaluru. Here, I was running alone,” she says. For lifestyle blogger Nivedith G, the lockdown was a turning point. He lost 55 kg, and has participated in three runs so far. “The latest was the TCS 10k. I completed it in 24 hours,” he says.

How it is done

* Participants register

* Download apps

* Run where they are

* Hosts evaluate app reports

* Send certificates, medals and T-shirts by courier

(Published 22 December 2020, 19:24 IST)

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