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Last Updated : 16 May 2010, 12:06 IST

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It was a sea of black at the Palace Grounds on Saturday as metal music lovers showed up in large numbers to watch the American heavy metal band Lamb Of God live in action. In other words, clad in characteristic black t-shirts (most of them reading out Lamb Of God of course), Bangaloreans headbanged to the popular songs of the Grammy-nominated group. The band played in the City as part of Summer Storm Festival, organised by Overture India.

Four Indian bands took the stage first — Boomarang from Mizoram, Scribe from Mumbai, and Bangalore-based Extinct Reflections and Bhoomi. These Indian rock groups warmed the stage up and set it well for the grand finale. Extinct Reflections had the crowd go insane and even forming mosh pits, with a part of it going out of hand.
After the final opening act Extinct Reflections, the rock enthusiasts of Bangalore had to wait a while before Lamb Of God took the stage.

But once the group finally started playing, the wait seemed totally worth it! Starting off with In Your Words, Set To Fail, Walk With Me In Hell and Now You’ve Got Something To Die For, the band went on to play over 15 songs much to the delight of all

Extremely pleased to be in Bangalore and surprised at the humongous energy of the music-lovers present, the band played some more hits — Ruin, Hourglass, Dead Seeds, Blackened The Curse Of Sun, As The Palaces Burn, Contractor, Vigil and Black Label to name a few. The band even dedicated their song Laid To Rest to Bangalore band Extinct Reflections.

The concert, however, had an early finish, by 9 pm. “We wanted the concert to end safely, without breaking any rules,” said Arpan Peter from Overture India.
Happy with the way the entire show took place, he said, “The band was very happy. The vocalist kept saying how happy he was to be in Bangalore. They somehow, didn’t have any reason to complain.”

Said Dominic Savio, a tattoo artist and a music-lover present at the concert, “The best part about any rock concert is the energy of the crowd. The same goes for this concert as well. The crowd was so active that even a person not knowing much about metal would have enjoyed it.”

He said further, “As someone who is into heavy metal and rock, I appreciate any act that comes from any part of the world to the City. Plus, the concert ending early was a plus point. The only negative part of the show was the crowd getting too drunk and unruly.”
He added, “But it’s great to see Bangalore getting back its music scene and I hope to see such concerts at least once in six months or a year.”

Published 16 May 2010, 12:06 IST

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