Sruthi Hariharan feels saying no is important

Last Updated : 25 March 2018, 18:51 IST

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Sruthi Hariharan has always been for up for roles that challenge her as an actor. Be it elaborate characters or cameo appearances, like the one in the recently released 'Rajaratha', she looks forward to exploring new territories. Sruthi, who is busy with two projects currently, takes some time off her schedule to interact with Tini Sara Anien about movies and more.

Was it exciting to be a part of 'Rajaratha'?

I am on screen for barely 30 seconds but it was interesting to see and understand the difficulties an on-site reporter faces. More than the role, I was doing it for my friend, Anup. He told me he would need half a day of my time and told me that he needed someone who had a strong voice.

Any interesting experiences from 'Rajaratha'?

It was a rain sequence and there were more than 100 other artistes in the scene, doing a candlelight march. We've all seen such revolutionary acts and it was good to see how a reporter feels during such situations. The only difference is that a reporter has to talk impromptu while I had dialogues.

What are the projects you're involved with right now?

I am shooting for two interesting projects 'Nathi Charami' and 'Ambi Ning Vayasayitho'. While 'Nathi Charami' means to never let go (promises made during marriage), the movie on the contrast is about the process of letting go. The movie is directed by Mansore. We're working on a tight schedule and it is phenomenal to work with him.

In 'Ambi Nin Vayasayitho', one will see Sudeep, Ambareesh and Suhasini Maniratnam too. The film is inspired by a Tamil movie 'Power Paandi'. It goes back to the 1970s. My character looks like someone from my mother's youth, when they used to wear long skirts.

What are your roles like?

In 'Nathi Charami', I play a software engineer who is independent and modern. The movie explores the importance my character, Gowri Mahesh, gives to the institution of marriage. On the other side, my character as Nandini in 'Ambi Nin Vayasayitho', is a young girl who is spunky and bold.

Is it hard to juggle between sets?

It can be really taxing. A director will be working on one project at a time but actors often have to do balancing acts. I personally do not like to handle many projects at a time, especially when I'm doing intense roles. I feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough for me.

How do you choose the right roles?

I have learnt to say no as this is very important. Whenever I am listening to a story, the personality and story behind the character matters a lot. The moment I hear a character is bubbly, it is a big no in my mind. This is something I don't want to be seen as. If it's a role which has no depth to it and has nothing to do apart from being a pretty face, it is a no again.

Published 25 March 2018, 13:22 IST

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