Don’t hurry to reopen schools from Jan 1, urge parents, teachers

Last Updated : 24 December 2020, 19:42 IST

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Parents and teachers have strongly opposed the State government’s decision to reopen schools from January 1, 2021, despite the emergence of new Covid-19 strain.

The parents have urged Education Minister S Suresh Kumar to think twice before taking a decision. The Primary and Secondary Education Department has decided to conduct classes for 10th and 12th standards, across the State. The minister had said that it was inevitable to reopen schools due to the Board examinations.

The parents have asked the Education minister, “Why was he in a hurry to reopen schools, despite the pandemic?”

Chandrashekar, parent of C Tejas, a Class X student, said, at a time when a new variant of the virus is emerging, how could the Education department and the minister take such a hasty decision?

‘Should think practically’

“Minister Suresh Kumar must think twice before making a statement. His statements are putting parents, teachers, as well as students, into confusion. The minister should think practically before making a comment,” he said.

Geetha Sahadev, mother of student Nairuthya, said, “We have decided not to send our daughter to school, at any cost. She may lose one academic year, but, her health is important for us. The government should reconsider its decision.”

Shivashankar, who takes care of his grandchildren, said, the government’s decision has an impact on children. His son’s family resides abroad and their children are with Shivashankar, pursuing education in Mysuru.

“The children are worried and afraid. I am confused,” he said.

A teacher, who did not want to be be identified, said, “When students can remain absent for classes, it is mandatory for teachers to attend schools. The teachers have no proper transport facility and a majority of them use private transportation. But, who will ensure our safety?” he asked.

“We have to conduct classes wearing face shields and mask throughout the day. We have family, children and elderly at home. Why the government is not concerned about the teaching community?” he asked.

AHV blames minister

BJP MLC A H Vishwanath, also former Education minister, criticised his own party Minister Suresh Kumar and asked about the hurry to reopen schools.

“Children are our country’s asset and we have to protect them. I don’t know why the minister is taking such decisions. He gives statements and withdraws them. No decision has remained stable. The decision should be withdrawn as no parent or teacher is ready. Don’t play with children’s lives,” he said.

Vishwanath suggested reopening of schools after January 14, after holding discussions with experts.

Published 24 December 2020, 19:36 IST

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