HDK warns voters to beware of 'BJP's communal agenda'

Last Updated 16 December 2018, 17:09 IST

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, said that the BJP is dreaming that the JD(S)-Congress coalition government would fall after the bypolls.

Addressing an election rally for the forthcoming Shimoga by-elections, at Trasi, on Tuesday, the chief minister expressed his dissatisfaction over the 'cheap propaganda by the opposition to defame the coalition government'.

'Communal politics'

Kumaraswamy accused BJP leaders of resorting to various tactics to defame the coalition government.

"Sadly, they are ignorant about the fact that the coalition government is here to complete its full term--with the support of the people," he added.

The CM alleged that people in coastal districts were being misled in the name of “dharma.” He urged people not to be swayed by 'BJP's communal politics'.

'Divide and rule policy'

"BJP is following a divide and rule policy" said Kumaraswamy and called upon the people to be wise.

He assured that if there was any harm caused to Hindu religion; it would be he, along with people, that would save “dharma.”

'Disgusting hate'

"The communal hate (BJP is spreading) is absolutely disgusting. People should be aware of BJP's agenda. It is trying to divide people in the name of religion. From Ullal to Karwar, BJP is trying to make the coastal region a hotbed of communal politics, he alleged.

The CM said that the coalition government intended to initiate stringent measures against the 'communal hate created by the BJP'.

Asserting that the by-election results would be a decisive factor for national politics, the chief minister assured better facilities to the poor.

"It is essential for voters to support the coalition government and strengthen the secular environment in state," he appealed.


(Published 30 October 2018, 10:01 IST)

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